What Harry Potter House is the rarest?

What Harry Potter House is the rarest?

Have you ever wondered which Hogwarts House is the rarest? If you have, let us get into deep discussions then. If you are a Potterhead, you should definitely read our articles related to the harry potter house quiz. Read more to find out you can find your Hogwarts House.

According us, we feel that Gryffindor is the rarest Hogwarts House. Yes! It is. Let us tell you why. You just have to think about the Hogwarts House from a different perspective. Not because it is an overrated house shown in the movie and depicted in the novels as well. Even though Gryffindor still gets all the appreciation, it is still the rarest Hogwarts House ever.

There is a saying “True Friendships require Bravery” Why is that? There are only a few people out where they have been chosen as Gryffindor, it takes so much effort to be like one. Imagine bravery is one aspect that requires in order to be there for someone and protect them, no matter what. It is one of the potentials that a person as if he/ she has been chosen as Gryffindor if they have taken up the harry potter house quiz.

Gryffindors are capable to protect the people they love the most. They have the traits that are just like the dominant color in the Hogwarts House, Red. Traits like assertive, confident, determined, productive, and action-oriented suit them well. They are pragmatic and dominant over the tasks that they are supposed to finish up each time. They are so focused that they won’t start the next task until they finish the current one. I mean we could probably write a whole damn book about the things that a Gryffindor would do. Who wouldn’t like to be a leader out there, who survives and tackles each of the obstacles and care about their loyal friends? Well, you can’t be mad at the fact that everyone wants to be a part of Godric’s Hogwarts house, no matter what.

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