Modern Glamour: Contemporary Baguette Rings That Make a Statement

Modern Glamour: Contemporary Baguette Rings That Make a Statement

The design of a baguette ring allows for many variations and adornments that create a special personality. Varying hues and flashy effects can be created with colored accents and pavé accent diamonds that burst with sparkle.

The simple but elegant form of the baguette ring gives an understated elegance that combines both modern and traditional design. It is perfectly suited for formalwear as well as casual days. They also look great in a more daring combination with other jewelry styles, such as mix-and-match finger pieces or varied metal colors.

And since the baguette ring is so light and compact, its modern design allows for a perfect everyday wear.

Aside from their stylish baguette ring silhouette, the beauty of baguette rings is that they also come with a deep meaning of friendship, commitment, and timelessness. The baguette ring is also sometimes used as a symbol of marriage, representing the strength of two people’s relationship while simultaneously expressing their unique style.

Baguette rings come in a variety of price points, giving people the opportunity to make a modern statement that fits both their budget and their style. From sterling silver to yellow gold and white gold, from single stones to multi-stones in a variety of colors, the options are endless. Modern glamour shines through a baguette ring.

It’s a statement piece that can be personalized and keep us looking fashionable no matter the season.The Magic of Alexandrite Rings: A Guide to This Enchanting Gemstone, is a guide that will bring you to the exquisite world of one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones. A ring with an Alexandrite gemstone adorned with small diamonds is a symbol of elegance and splendor, and can add a special shine and sparkle to any type of jewelry.

Originating from the Ural Mountain regions in Russia, Alexandrite is a fascinating gemstone with a long and romantic history. Featuring beautiful shades of green, pink and even purple depending on the mood of the moment and the lighting of the environment, it was named after the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II.